Road Trip!

I spent my last week after graduation taking some time to finally get the motivation to drive across the country for the last time....hopefully.

Check out my route 

I took a stop in South Boston (Goodwill Hunting), ran by Yale real quick, and spent time in some suburbs of Connecticut with my college buddies for possibly the last time in a while. My goal for this trip was to: 

  1. Make it fun and less of a suffer fest.
  2. Take at least one photo every time I filled up my gas tank.
  3. Get home

I met quite a few awesome people during this trip while taking photos and found a few interesting places. From stopping in the "Taste of Holland" in Iowa to meeting a man from Beijing that is riding from New York to LA I found out real quick that I do love taking photos and you will meet some interesting people while doing it. Many portions of this trip  i found myself wanting to learn more about the person or place I was photographing. I thought about many projects that I could make of these small towns, but for now I am going to focus on my upcoming idea for a project.