Down by the River

Living in a house by a river would be nice, but without the house and without the warmth and the food it starts to become something else. I work in Denver and I ride the bus into work. From the bus station I have to bike down beside the Platte River and along the way there are tents, trash, and people all just getting by and living down by the river. Many just cruise by on their morning commute, run, or bike ride and pass with a blind eye. I want to bring this to attention. I want the people who live in these tents to be known because their numbers are growing.

To be without a family, home, money, food, or anything is truly something. To do this while having a disability or addiction is even more. I don't have some wild political idea or some genius solution. What I do have is a camera, and a feeling for these fellow humans who live by this river. I want them to be noticed and I hope something will come of this. As for now its just a start and I am not sure where it will go. I'm not sure how to handle this "story" or series of pictures. I'll figure it out though. This is just the start.